Thursday, December 31, 2009

a la vergazzzzz

after spending a year in a cell Nick Jojola decided to try his luck with the CELL-FLIP down that 16 somewhere in HollyWood

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

christmas at Los Altos

these dudes skipped christmas at the parents house and went to LA for christmas we all can enjoy..skaters are Bj Green, Huy Phan, Jer Wootton, Robert Cross, Alex, Daniel, Jeremy DeLacruize, Dean Kubasek, Camilo Arellano, Rashan Minter, Jake Trujillo, Joe Miller, Lil Nick Miller, Shea and others

Monday, December 28, 2009



The Chilogy Continues......

Red Chile parts are cookin......................i think?
check out NS's dance moves in the end DOPE!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Raw Chile

Raw Chile from on Vimeo.

Jake's night at the museum ends with a 14 ply kill streak.

Friday, December 25, 2009

the DJ FORT experience

TOP: when i was living with Mr. Fort we were on that gas station El Pollo Loco diet...since moving back to Tulsa he knows how to get him some SALAD from time to time.
BOTTOM: i'm pretty sure this rail is out in the wild wild MID west and DJ made sure to get wild when he found it F/S LIP
aMe? DJ

Is that your real first name or is it short? Short haha real name is daniel.

Where are you right now? Hows the weather? Im in missouri an its cold as fuck. big chillin over the winter..

Whats been the hot spots and who you been chillin with? Been back an forth from Joplin,Mo to Tulsa,OK. a bunch of cool spots poppin up in Tulsa right now.. just been posted up at the homie big Lou's spot an hanging with all the oklahomies filming for matts new video! taking a road trip here and there..

I know you're from the MidWest do you guys get the fire out there? For sure.

What do you like GREEN or RED? GREEN!!!

What was the last trip you got in on and how'd it go? Who went? Last trip was to Denver, i had a crazy ear infection an said fuck it. i went with ol Matt, Jason Bontrager, Chris Kurr, Jeff Hutto and the homie Timmy.. damn good time! Denver nuggets are dank!

Who's coming up fast in Tulsa? Who is the BEST skateboarder in your opinion from Tulsa? Ol Matt is coming up fast an i dunno who the best but one of my favorite to watch in person is Chris Kurr.

You guys are putting a video together with Phipps whos gonna throw down in that?
Lil Damien has been killin it! Myles Shupe, Chris Kurr an Alan Hamby handlin it too! check those guys out on the blog.. <-CHECK THAT SHIT OUT!

That huge Mcdonalds is that pretty close to your house...? thats what came up when i pulled up "cool stuff in oklahoma" on google.
FUCK mcstanky's

How would you like to finish this? Shout outs wanna tell anyone "FUCK YOU"!?
Shout out to all the homies i met around the way!
rest in peace Big FERN an Randy Rush

indoor eat outs

its too cold to spend winters outdoors in germany so the homies in bavaria got down indoors and documented it for the reat of us to enjoy..merry christmas friends! i know michi and norbert the other dudes are their homies...which make them my homies

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dinner with Dichtl

TOP:The ground isn't smooth in Germany but i think the boiling chocooo milk gets John going everyday Nollie heel the double set
BOTTOM: John's first cover(PlayBoardMag#54) didnt come easy between the police kicking us out and getting that back foot on the board The Dichtl had his work cut out...but came through on the Odeus trip to Malaga, Spain in 09'

Name?..John Dichtl

What does the last name mean in German?..HaHaHa Dicht is a synonym

Whats it like out in Germany? Where are you?..Germany is aight...just the ground is annoying and the wintertime sucks..i live in Passau a smaller city close to Munich!

Whats it like being from a village? ..It´s super quiet and chill , no stress no hustle bustle..

Hows the drinks? why do you drink the water with bubbles in it?..nothing special..Just the fanta coke mix could be interesting for people from oversea..its called spezi and you can´t get it in the us.. haha i love sparkling water because it kills your thirst the minute u slam it

Do you like RED or Green? ..Oh fa sho that light green..haha

Whats a normal day during the winter out there? ..First of all u should slam a cup of boiling hot chocolate milk to be on fire for the hard winter day. now u just have to haveluck to catch a ride to the next indoow park.if u can`t just skate the next park garageand plan c: u have to call the guy with the rasta and a hottie with a naughty body.

Do the toilets spin the same way as they do in america? ..Naaaw they don´t spin at all..haha

Matt Phipps said what up!! wanna say hi?..Ooooh matt what up!!! wanna see u out here!!

what shows from America do you miss? what foods and drinks? ..Robot chicken, california burrito, flaming hot cheetos, reeses, horchata, arizona ice tea, panda express orange chicken!! and much more..

How do you feel about david hasselhoff? ..Get a drink and go back to that baywatch thang

Who's the best German skateboarder? ..LEM

What American would you trade for your best German? ..TAVE

How are GERMAN shepards born in America? ..Because of the people in america who raise them..and hasselhoff i guess

Are you drunk right now? ..I am about to finish my 2nd bottle of christmas beer, hits u hard man! haha

How do you want to end this? ..With a big props to u and a thanks plus a peaze to my mum, all my homies,people i met and my sponsors! check out get the dc match and visit the skateshop trick 17 and the indoor park halle 21 as soon as u arrive my town..

John Dichtl Trick17 Video Part from Carl Carlsen on Vimeo.

Friday, December 18, 2009

a La Carte

so i pretty much sit here and lurk off online for hours and can usually find something new to post for the lurker in peep these photos i got both these shots with burny the ollie was on our first US tour its an OLLIE in San Diego and a heel flip in HollyWood...fuckin ay burny Photos burny

Thursday, December 17, 2009


this Saturday December 19, 2009
6pm til midnite....
at REVLIS aka CIRQ....
712 Central Ave SE....
just west of i25 on the south side of central.....

gonna be having skateboard contests..... with giveaways every hour.....
free music by dj marvel.treee.atlas.racist tahnee......
all ages.... for the most part~

dont forget to bring Silver a birthday present....
or at least some cake n ice cream....

six long years of loving burque skaters!!!

call me if you have any other questions or whatnot~


A La Carte

Jake Johnson-Gap tail.

Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario from on Vimeo.

"You need water?"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

christmas con queso

Get Your Kicks Christmas Montage from Get Your Kicks on Vimeo.

Another delightful meal served up by our friends in the Mid-West..good song good footy Phipps coming through once again Filmer Matthew Phipps

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A La Carte

NO shirt NO grab NO problema.....put some queso on that shit and eat it.! Photo Nass(obviously)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Packaged, Processed

Packaged, Processed from on Vimeo.

Meals under a minute, made from leftovers.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


ME? Early DAY TIME 6AM status

HOT or COLD? Coldish






Ledge Dance


Indian School 4 sureeeeeee


A la Carte

my brother from a Filipino mother john dichtl puttin down the steezy 360flips...look at that BACK FOOT.....cold chillin!!! Photo Burny

Monday, December 7, 2009

A la Carte

THE BoardPusher crew skating Indian School
Skating through downtown SD during ASR
CAM 5.0 crail @washington(funny story after we got this i think the locals told us to get the fuck out)hahaha Photos NASS

armadillo burrito

Nick Eeeeeeeeeakes hooked us up with some get down eat it....BJ will serve you up personaly Filmer Nick Eeeeeeeeeakes

burrito....idk why

The Denver Montage from Get Your Kicks on Vimeo.

Phipps coming through with some footage of their road trip from TULSA to DENVER..good mix of weather, people, skating, and the music wasnt bad itself. filming Matt Phipps

dinn dinns ready

the youngster are coming up fast in the Bu watch out!!! giving everyone a run for their money....filmer jacksonG

A la Carte

Jake(ME) on a frontsise nose KISS in LA OhhhhhhhhhYeahhhhh!!! Photo Brums

Friday, December 4, 2009

Green Piece

Green Piece from on Vimeo.

The Bonus Park Montage from the Green Chile DVD.

Raw Chile

Green Piece from on Vimeo.

This is what a mainboard fracture looks like. It's what happens when your camera gets shaken-baby syndrome. Max Mazzola, Jake Johnson, and Miami. Voyeurism by Tony Tomita I believe.

A La Carte

Have you seen him? If not, you've never skated Altos.

Worst Case Scenario

BLAST OFF in 5......4.......3......2.......1.......ZERO!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Vault

The Vault from on Vimeo.

If you love HD slow-mos you're gonna love this!!!! The aptly named "baby montage" from Count It!. Circa 2001

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A La Carte

Stan was downtown on St. Patrick's Day when he was confronted and stabbed by several non-leprachauns. After some time in the hospital, he's left with a couple luck 'o' the Irish battle scars.

Raw Chile

Raw Chile from on Vimeo.

Jake gets shat on from above.


Jacob Johnson SW B/S Board 270 out in SD Photo BURNY

A La Carte

Jacob Johnson Ollie this is a photo Burny shot on or last day in Bilbao, Spain right off the beach Photo:Burny

Monday, November 30, 2009


BILLY"show you the ropes"ROPER is PRO for GOLDSTAR get on the website and get you some!!!!


Get Your Kicks promo from Get Your Kicks on Vimeo.


Packaged, Processed 915

Our homies from El Paso took a little trip to AZ and cooked up some goods for us! GROUP FILMING!!

A la Carte

We're doing what we can to get this CHILE on everyones plate..Here is Rudy out in El Paso with a NOSESLIDE BELL GRANDE Photo:Eddie

Packaged, Processed 303

sent to the BU from denver it's the ALL STARS from the Denver Shop Filmer Brandon Greer

tree tacos

i was jus talkin to GOOSE about us getting going and asked him if he had anything thing he wanted the homies in the Bu to see and this is what he cooked up for up

al la carte

Jacob Johnson B/S smith L.A. Photo Jon Glass


You can get some of this crop at Skacte City and 4D's in Albuqurtque shits BUENO!!!!!
Alex Lemons of Odeus Skateboards

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Packaged, Processed

Packaged, Processed from on Vimeo.

Pilgrims-you've been honored. Alfred, Jake, Tyson, and some razor enthusiasts on Turkey Day night. Filmed by Alfred and myself.

A La Carte

Check the ring finger, ladies. Photo: Jake Johnson

Worst Case Scenario

Jake Johnson gets some butterflies in his stomach and opts to forcibly remove them.

A La Carte

Teal Harbour, lipslide fakie. Photo: Jake Johnson

Thursday, November 26, 2009

spread da chile

PICK UP A COPY @ SKATE CITY shits good, some real gangsta shit

tree tacos

One of my BEST German brothers Michi Heindl skating Hall21, skatehall straubing. we're getting this chile over seas so everyone can have a up

A la Carte

The Fox in action ollie@ Indian School Photo Phillbar

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Huevos rancheros

I don't even know what to say about this.....? i guess all i can say is, "Dude your balls are showing!"

a la carte

T Murda on da switch ups

The Vault

The Vault from on Vimeo.

This time I bring to you the intro and fake Nick Rael part from the Albuquerque lo-fi extravaganza Count It! by Mike Dunphy and myself. Circa 2001.

A La Carte

Teal Harbour. Fs crook brrrrrrrrrrtttttttt.

Packaged, Processed

Packaged, Processed from on Vimeo.

Not organic. Not renewable. Not recommended for consumption. These are heavily processed cuts made specifically for the site, guaranteed to clear your bowels and make you sweat. This time, random park footage that was laying around. Featuring Mitch De la Cruz, Little Daniel, Tim Martinez, Kenny Garcia, and others. Eat up.

Home Grown

Prep work
T Murda on the grind Photo Dave Jojola

A la Carte:

Jacob Johnson Pacific Beach SD
SW OLLIE Photo Eugine Kim

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Raw Chile

Raw Chile from on Vimeo.

Nick giving nollie 540 heelflips a few gos.

Worst Case Scenario

Jake slips out at the top and lets the wind out of his sails.

A La Carte

Jake Johnson: Noseblunt

Raw Chile

Raw Chile from David Jojola on Vimeo.

Lovato kickflips into a tiny arroyo in the Green days.

A La Carte

Lipslips, both ways.

Worst Case Scenario

I spy two people in potential trouble.  Photo by Jake Johnson

Sunday, November 15, 2009

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