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Jive wit Jake GetYourKicksTulsa

This is some shit Phipps and Myles did with me for now its here!

So last year and earlier this month Damien Alzidan, Dj Fort, Myles Shupe, Chris Kurr, Taylor Etchison and myself took a 5 day skate trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. So i thought it would be sick to have Myles interview our friend and tour guide, Jacob Jonhson. I knew Jake from when i lived in LA about 2 years ago. It was tight to see him and all the other homies from back in the day and to spend 5 days getting sick clips in the crazy place they call the "Bu". Enjoy.

Jacob Johnson Interview by Myles shupe

For those who may not know, let's get your age, how long you've been skating, and your sponsors? Alright i like where you're going with this. I'm 21 fuckin years old. I've been skating since middle school and right now i ride for a shop out here in ABQ, Skate City and Odeus hooks it up with clothes and boards..

Is it true you got kicked off Workshop for calling Bledsoe out on 'fake steez'? You're a god damn fool if you think anything about that steez is fake..and NO that's the taller JAKE JOHNSON...I'm like 5'7.

Oh my mistake, so what's the deal with green chile? Why does it have its own section of the food pyramid for you fools? Man i feel bad for anyone that doesn't know about GREEN CHILE!!okay okay like its like veggies meet chronic then roasted diced and thrown on anything! Everyone out here digs that shit for real.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done with green chile? Hahahahaha craziest thing I've ever done with Greens...? We make chicks deep throat that shit all the time....It's normal nowadays.

Backside Boardslide ph:David Jojola

What exactly were you thinking when you tried to switch ollie El Toro? Was it the green chile? Well to tell you the truth there were a few different things that played factors into all that. Maybe a lack of Green Chile because they don't have it everywhere in Cali, i think i remember passing the blunt that day..i prolly shoulda ripped it.. It was my homie Burny's last day in the states till he went back to Germany and i guess i just thought I HAD IT!

Tummy Tuck

Most people would kill to go to Europe at least once in their life, and you went.. What.. 4 times in one year? What was that like? I got to go out there a few time in 08' and once in 09' and I'm super thankful for that opportunity. Odues hooked it up so good on those trips we got to go all over Germany a few places in Spain and some other countries i was BlackedOut on most of it but i got some footy peep and look out for my part that I'm finishing up for them.

To me, being away from home for more than 10 days seems fucking outrageous.. Would you ever want to spend another 30 days in a different country? I don't remember how long that first Odeus trip was to Germany but on some real shit after three weeks you start missing the smallest shit!! HOT CHEETOS, fuckin legit drinks, Green Chile for sure ICE! those fools out there never had ICE, Americans, AMERICA...I missed everything and everyone but i do have some great friends out there in Europe.

This is off topic, but, why the fuck are people always gettin stabbed up in the ALBQ!?
From now on call it The Bu, or ABQ or 505. ALBQ isn't workin for me...that's prolly why most get stabbed people say that shit wrong.hahaha

If I move to Albuquerque will you protect me? What!? move out here we'll have so much fun!!!! And shit i don't get tripped on but this is FEEYTOWN thats why. People know there place out here tho..

Backside Noseblunt ph:David Jojola

If I move to Albuquerque will you dump your girlfriend for me? Dude i don't know! i really like the girl i got right now if anything we can share her...ill take mon. wed. fri. sun. you get the rest. hahaha jk (sorry meg if you read this but myles is a cool dude!)

Enough homosex. Will you sign one of your ads for me? Thats pretty HOMO aren't you like 23? i ain't shit!

Give our readers a crazy story about you and Nick. Hahah OMG i don't even know where to start.i guess a good one that happen recently okay sit down for this one...we decide to shroom while my GF drives us around the city...about 45min into on the freeway nicks tire pops megan is driving I'm trippin balls nick and stormy are in the back seat..we ditched that car got picked up and drove around for another 3hours...and that story ain't shit! Get me a beer and a jay and you'll hear some shit.

Am I the only person that would rather watch Alfred do a hardflip on flat than Bryan Herman do it down MACBA? That little fucker has a mean one..i enjoy watching

On New Years I realized your step brother Larry is a pretty crazy dude.. You want to give us a recap of New Years '10? FUCK YEAH Larry is so down! that fool showed all you fools what time it was. none of you guys could hang with us pretty much. okay so we start the night off at Drey's drinkin beer we bounce go down to the valley to Larry's. that dudes got a ice chest full of jungle juice i kick that shit over Larry bust out the shotty and we bucked shots off...oh yeah and i blacked out around the time i kicked over the jungle juice.IDK why they handed me the shot gun?

So, do you have any plans for 2010? Fuck yeah get money fuck bitches...M.O.B.

Frontside Feeble ph:Florian Hopfensperger

Think you can pencil me in to let me draw you? It will be 10 times sexier than that scene from Titantic. IDK what you're talkin about you talkin about that boat again weren't you talkin about that shit while you were out're ship sunk long ago

This is a lot fucking harder than it seems, so give us your thank yous and shout outs. Yeah i feel you...But lets start this off with thank you for your time.FeeyTown, mitch an alex at odeus, dave jojola, shea and dave at the shop, satan for getting me to where i am coolaid pouches, blunts, shrooms, the dogs, girls, and ummmm my skateboard for giving me life support.

Thanks to Jacob, Dre, Amanda, Ricky, Alfred, Ryan in Amarillo and anyone else i forgot for making this trip the adventure it was. See you fucks soon. Dont forGET YOUR KICKS.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

JD's Coming of Age ...coming soon

Aside from showing us that he's a hyper teenager, hungry skateboarder, and horrible driver...haha JD went out with us the other day and showed us a few of his moves (Below: Front 180) and they weren't half bad...

"JD Coming of Age"
Interview coming soon...

Mikey B drops some knowledge..

Photography: Homies
Text: Jake Da Jeweler

Name? Mike

Where you from? Born and raised in Albuquerque!

Years Skating? 23 years

23 years SKATING! How old are you? you look 23! I'd rather not answer that. Ha
ha I'm 35

What was the O.G. ABQ skate scene like? It was a hella tight knit squad. Everybody knew each other. It wasn't like it is now, skateboarding was not the "cool thing". There was like 10 to 20 skateboarders at your local high schools. The scene was really underground but that made it really cool. UNM used to be so crazy. On any Friday or Saturday night, you could find like 20 to 30 skateboarders outside the SUB building skating, chillin drinking 40s, smoking herb, or just hanging out and hooking up with girls. We used to run shit over there. Nowadays your lucky to get a full skate session in without being kicked out. That was always the meeting place to set off the night.Back then, there were only like 3 shop teams that were well established. Concrete Wave, BZ, and Danz were the only teams who had bangers on their squads.

Right: While everyone else was in "normal" High School classes, Mike was taking classes at Indian School. Subject, Pop Shuv-It Indy's 101... Grade A+ Photo:???

Danz skate shop? Where was that and do you remember anyone that skated for them? They were always in the height but moved around a bunch. there was one on San Mateo and the other two were on Montgomery. This kid Jeremy Sevier, the Ginn twins and I believe Mike Giant skated for Danz

What were some of the first spots you skated that you still see kids skating around town? I grew up right downtown so those spots were the first I ever skated. Downtown has changed so much though. All the schoolyard were always a hit for us old schoolers cause we had no skate parks.

Where do you skate these days? My old ass usually sticks to the skate parks nowadays. I enjoy skating mini ramps most now.

If we wanted to find you skating would we go to Alamosa or the new Paseo park? Both, i live near Alamose but i think i go to Paseo more. But my local park is 86th and Tower

Who did you skate with in the O.G. days? Team Concrete Wave, big ups!! The OG Concrete Wave team was Ray Chavez, Tommy Borunda, myself, Leroy Lovato, Jeff Barboa, Elliot Shoei, and a few other heads. I was always with Ray, and Tommy like everyday I was skating. Concrete Wave was hands down the most innovative shop team for a very long time in Albuquerque.

Who do you skate with now? My Sonny boy Bobby.

Left: Nowadays when you see Mike Dropping In, its not gonna be on some GNARLY ditch wall like he did back in 1997!!! Photo:Mike Kirby

Other then skating what have you been getting into? Just working and snowboarding in the winter. Its a little easier on my body and I can't skate everyday anymore. My old bones can't take it. Haha!!

Where can we fi
nd you on a Friday night? Chillin' at home or downtown having a drink with my little berd.

Your "Litlle Berd"..? Like a kuku bird? My Shorty, my Dove hahahaha my girl friend!

What youngsters have you notice on the come up here in town? Damn there is so much young'uns ripping right now that I can't even keep track. The guys who come to mind are kids like Brian Jackson, Little Teal, Alfred Flores, Xander, to name just a few..

Who's the best ABQ skater in you opinion? Past, Ray Chavez hands down! Ray was like the best street skateboarder in Albuquerque when he was 13!! He was doing shit I had only seen in pro videos. Another cat that was amazing was Leroy Lovato.

What was a trick you remember seeing Ray (chavez) do that you were like, "damn!"? Backside board the curved rail at UNM's sub building in 19
90. That was so ahead of its time! He was the first person i saw ollie boardslide and ollie 5050 rails. Way back in like 1987! Everyone was jus doing CAVEMANS onto rails still.

I always thought it was Tommy B that did the p
ole jam 5050 on the curved rail, was that HIM or YOU? That was me not Tommy! Everone always mixed us up. It's funny there's this old TransWorld video that has Tommy doing a BIG flip down the Del Norte 8 and the caption said it was ME. I got all the credit for that one. I always let people know it was Tommy tho hahaha

Above: Mike put the MIX UP to rest with this 5 frame sequence of the Ollie Hang'Up 5050, on the old UNM Sub rail. Photo:Mark Sanchez

I know you skated with Tommy B, and everyone always tells me good stories about that any good ones from skating with Tommy? That is one Albuquerque skateboarder that no doubt should have went pro. Stereo skateboards flew him up to San Francisco in the late 90's and he killed it! I believe it was Pat Odell who took him to a gnarly ass flat rail that was like hip high and extended out over like 10 plus stairs. Pat Odell had took a top notch pro who is a rail killer to that rail like a month or so before and that guy didn't want anything to do with it. Tommy ends up doing it now problem. You can catch that footy on the Avenue Skateboards video which I believe is on YouTube.

Wanna say whats up to anyone...or how you wanna end this? I wanna say whats up to my life long friends whom I grew up skating with, Tommy & Ray, my girl Juanda, Mom and Pops, my brother Chris, and all of my fellow Albuquerque skateboarders young and old like me.....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"This or That" with Hillie

Here is Hillie (Philipp Wehofsky) my homie from Germany getting Blunted BackSide!

Frontside or Backside?

Frontside!! (funny that he's doing a BS blunt)

Ledge Dance or Go4Broke
Ledge Dance of course


Beer or Weed?

Ass or Tits?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OKLAhomies come to the Bu for New Years

Matt, DJ, Chris, Myles, Damien, and Taylor came out for New Years. This is a little taste of what Phipps is cookin

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meals Under A Minute

Meals Under a Minute from on Vimeo.
^^^^^^Watch here in HDnessssssss.^^^^^^
T-Franz, Dia, Sean, and DP.

Packaged, Processed

Packaged, Processed from on Vimeo.

Chile Cuts Vol.(let's say)5.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Packaged, Processed 310

Ian Pruet has been lurkin out all over the place last spot was the NEW park right near da beach BOY!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A La Carte

Photo: Huy Phan YoungBuck on the come up. King Vince drops the sw biggie sized heel over at Chelwood

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A La Carte

A friend EUGENE "The Korean" Kim shot this photo of Cody Subido getting hyphy on a f/s Board in Carlsbad.....nice

OKLAhomies come to the Bu for New Years

Matt Phipps brought his crew from Tulsa,Oklahoma and special
guest from Joplin, Missouri
DJ Fort out to ABQ the weekend of
new years.It was freezing dick out but we showed them around...
took um to some wild sketchy parties But had a good time for the
most part had a good time.. these are photos that got snapped by
DJ's throwback camera ..

Right:We took um DownTown and our NOT so stoked SEGWAY officers showed us our way off the plaza
Below: They were shown the BUM LEDGES and sure enough there were the oh so faithful BUM's chillin on the ledges...hints the name"Bum Ledges" I'm pretty sure Al became homies with these dudes ...dirty little bastard

Right: First thing DJ did in 2010 was pop this steezy ass ollie up and over... Feliz Navidad!!!

Below: You know one thing you can always count on is Al to show you those WARM UP hard flips.... Thats MY boy

Bellow: Well some of us had to bake to keep toasty out in the cold Damien jus kept going and going and going...think that fool learned a trick that day...thats how ya start the NEW YEAR...

A MONTAGE of Matt and the crews trip from the MidWest to the SouthWest we'll be posted in a few days he's jus finishing up everything in post...and "FUCK YES DJ!!" good looks on the photos

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raw Chile

Raw Chile from on Vimeo.

Lovato warms up. Eye spy. From a while back.

Monday, January 11, 2010

worst chile


Friday, January 8, 2010

a litlle dichtl

John sent this over this morning...another taste of Germany

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Photography: Burny
Text: Jake Da Jeweler

Above: No matter where you are in the world with The Burn Dogg you know you'll be having a good time here is Burny Alex Mizurov and Bernard in a Taxi in Bangkok

aMe?What the fuck does that mean(your name, remember we're american)?
Oh yeah BURNY, haha. Actually it's a long storry but I'll try to explain it real quick. It was like back in the days when I was a Kiddy. I was sitting at my Local Skatepark and there was like a Guy who was never been seen before from all my friends and me. He just stayed there one time and told my friends, this little Kid looks like a Burny. Damn since this Day all my Friends was calling me Burny. Probably I'm always red and my red hairs make sos name Happen, haha but right now the Most People knows burny not Florian Hopfensperger I guess.

o where are you now? Hows the weather?
I'm in Germany right now. But going to Barcelona in 2 days. It's to cold here in the middle of europe! It's like the same when all Americans go to Cali over the wintertime.

How many ciggs are you up to a day?

Hahahahaha good question Jake! Yes I know that I smoke lot of cigs. 25 cigs a day should the standart! I could save a Lot of money without smoking. A pack is like 4 Euros here, means like 9 Doller for a pack!

Above:When i met Denny at the Emillion team meeting this dude never put a hold on kicking back super hard, here he is with a chillin NOLLIE HEEL over a rock gap
Munich, Germany

hats been the hot spot and Who you been chillin with?
Hmmm, there was a Lot of Spots I saw in the last Time. Barcelona is always good. Bangkok was sick! My whole Time in Cali was so good. I'm not pretty sure Jake. It deppens on what will you do at place. Skateboarding is my life so! It's a hotspot all over the year!!

What do you miss the most from America? Food Drink Candy???
Yeahh, I miss Cactus Cooler and ORANGE Chicken so much ;-) I also miss the generator sessions at Middle in the night and some other Things like all my Friends like you and all the People I worked with!

What do you like RED or GREEN?
I think GREEN. My hair color is RED yeah but GREEN is like this color. Color Of Doing Something Well!

Left: This is 1 of those photos you see and you're like "WTF is going on?" ..Its Herbie Koenig with a ONE footed Ollie in a ONE of a kind photo at a ONE of a kind spot...Nuernberg, Germany

Have you stop by any whore houses since we last skated together?
Hmmm, hahaha, NO :-) !

What about photos...Have you been stoked on any photos you've seen lately?
I'm always stoked about MATT PRICE stuff! OLIVER BARTON is one of my favorites too! There are a couple photos I like from These guys.

Who do you prefer to go out with when you want to get a GOOD photo?
Motivated Skateboarders. New Spots and a chill session.

Who's the best German skater in your opinion?
I guess it's Lem Villemin. But there are Lot of other fuckin awesome skateboarders in Germany!

What american would you trade for your BEST GERMAN BEER?
Come out to Germany, Munich and get Augustiner! Best Beer in the world!(i think he missed the question hahah)

Anything you wanna say to end this?
Yeah thanks for this Interview Jake! Greets to all my friends, to my Familie and all the People I met in my life!Above: One of Deutschland's skateboarding machines on NOT his PLAN A ...but PLAN B with the Shifty Flip over the bridge Bangkok, Thailand

raw booty


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Raw Chile

Raw Chile from on Vimeo.

Jan. 05 leftovers. Mmmmm.