Sunday, February 28, 2010

D Man in TheSkateboardMag

TheSkateboardMag April2010

Daniels NEW JACK in TheSkateboardMag

BS OveCrook on hidden TEN

SUPER NollieHeel at FAA ditch

Nollie Back Heel Down Chelwood1

BSFlip up'n'over

WTF BS 5.0 where few have gone at Oasis

Bump to Back Tail Shuv

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sit Down Saturdays with: JD Palmer

Text/Photography: Jake Da Jeweler

Right: Much better then anything i saw him do a Calvary, JD pops this Ollie over at Jackson middle school.

NAME? JD Palmer

Does anyone hook you up? Boardroom and Refried

Hell yeah, whats Refried? Its John Sedillo's older brothers shit he makes these dope ass shirts and hooks me up, i think silver might start selling their gear.

So i remember you being a little Calvary park kid..what do you like to skate these day? Well i rellay like ledges and ditches, hoping over or up big stuff is fun but been trying to skate more gaps and sets but most of the time it doesn't work out at all.

So we plan on getting you in on Red Chile when are those nuts gonna drop and we gonna see you huck yourself down something gnar? This weekend if the weather is good I'm down to try something

Below: It was a COLD day and JD was the only one doing GAP in GAP out NoseBlunts

So when you skated Calvary did they force you to be a christian i know they shuved that shit down my still down with that Jesus dude? Um not really they defiantly over did with there authority and the free will of others but ya i guess I'm down with Jesus but the whole organized religion is pretty messed up .

I drive around with you a bunch and even tho you're getting better you drive like shit whats up with that? Haha man Ive just had bad experiences when Ive first started driving, i was with some friends it was was probably the worst rain storm ever and i was hydroplaning everywhere almost hitting everything

I know you're working on a part for Jackson's video hows that going? Its good I'm all done with my part and Jackson is just editing everything now. I'm stoked!

Who's gonna have the banger part in the video and whats the name? Alex Garcia hes been killing it.Oh and Jackson named it Nothing Special, it will be premiering at the Boardroom.

Above: This youngster is making moves left and right! When he isn't Lurking around town or getting his heart broken by blonds he's putting down Wallie Melons around town.

hat about away from killing it with the ladies keeping life fun? where is JD on a FRIDAY night? Shit son well actually Ive been seeing this cute blond girl but she actually fucked up today so that's over, but Ive been in the gnarliest dry spell but Ive been talking to some ladies tho and on a Friday night I'm probably just lurking at some friends houses

So tell me if this sounds about right.. You're a Lurk Ass Christian that does get any girls and can't drive hahah sound on point? Not a christian besides that ya haha
Alright is there anyone you wanna thank or how do you wanna end this? Ya defiantly Boardroom and John Sedillo and Jackson all the Homies, Skyla and mamma Wilson, my Moms and You guys for giving me this interview thanks!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"This or That" with Brian Jackson

Text: Jake Da Jeweler/Kenny G string
Photos: Jake Da Jeweler

East side or West side?

Frontside or Backside? ummmmmm, Backside cuz i love to feeble and krookie monsters!

Beer or Liquor? Liquor before beer you're in the clear

Above: They call it Jackson Middle School for a reason...and they made a kicker to wall rides cuz they know Brian likes that shit.

Skate park or Streets? I learn tricks at the park, then i take them to the streets

Tobacoo or Weed? Ciggs fool! I don't do drugs, i just drink

RED or GREEN? Green Chile cheeseburgers, and RED Chile in burritos

Ledge Dance or Go for Broke? Go4Broke!

Smell or Taste? Well i can't really smell that good from my head saving my body from getting hurt on that frontside flip, so taste i guess.

Facebook or Myspace? Don't have a Myspace, so Facebook

hahah.. Rap or Rock? Metal and Hardcore

Above: OH YEAH on board flash Y todo! Right after i snapped this photo i got my shadow out of the way so Brian could finish up this Smith Grind at Del Norte.

Piercing or Tattoo? I'm over Piercing and Tattoos are DOPE as fuck!!

Frontier or Taco Cabana? Frontier, you can't fuck with those carne adovada

Text SEX or Phone SEX? Haha how about REAL sex with my beautiful girlfriend.

Hustler or Play Boy? Hustler, cuz it shows girls CONCHAS and PENETRATION haha, and Larry Flint owned BIG BROTHER mag.

Goofy Mustache or Funny Hat? Curly mustache that shit looks dope

Local Shop or Mall Shop? We'll since i ride for for Industrial i gotta go with MALL shop, but i do support local shops.

truck driving all over this mo!

some shit fom bilbao

Jake the Jeweler (R.I.P. CJ feeytown por vida) | MySpace Video

Serious Hash Attack


"Look theres is some tities"

you can't sin if you don't believe

Jake vs the Atlantic

10euros to shit...? I'm IN

Rubber Glove of Love

fucked up in Barcelona

turn that light off...

Jake vs the Wallie

I got worked

Aarons Odeus Part


Jakes Odeus Part


Michi's Odeus Part

He traveled the world and the 7 seas..everybody was lookin for somethin!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Price has some Hype

Tonka's new Hype video part

Monday, February 8, 2010

Packaged, Processed 505

ALL the Los Altos heads are puttin in work!
front shuv the BIG5
nollie doub flips!! KING Vince

A La Carte

Front Blunt up and over... thanx for shooting this Nick Real

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sit Down Saturdays: with Dayne Brummet

Teaxt: Jake Da Jeweler
Photography: Jon Glass, Herverton Ribeiro

Name? Dayne Brummet, AKA Old Brumski

How long have you been skating? 23 years

Where are you originally from? Where you living now? Chicago, IL, currently Los Angeles

Who is hookin you up these days? Premium Skateboards, Tracker Trucks, Willys Workshop.

Right: After having a few Brews with the dudes that lives under the bridge Brums got this Frontside Tail slide and he was out.. Photo:Herverton Ribeiro

When i skated with you we were rollin through the hoods of LA some of the spots came equipped with crackheads, gangsters, muggers,, locs pretty they just not intimidate you? Cuz those fools are way sketchy! I love that kind of stuff. I think skateboarding belongs in the underbelly of society. Plus, the sketchybess makes for good adventure.

What kinda projects are you working on? Way too many to list. I've gotten kinda bored representing companies that I don't have any say in, so I'm now managing Premium, Tracker and Orion trucks. I'm building the teams for Tracker and Orion right now. I'm also shooting photos for PowerEdge Magazine. I'm constantly working on different web projects and we are working on a new Premium video.

Every time we talk you're either getting ready for a crazy trip, or your on a crazy trip. Got anything cool planned for 2010? Yeah, I'm in the team van right now. I've pretty much been on the skate travel tip for the last 20 years. So far for 2010, I'm looking to head to Europe, China, Japan, Oz, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, and Israel. I'm sure more will come up though.

Okay i know you've been through Albuquerque before, did you ever get to try the Green Chile? We put it on everything out here? Hmmm, I've had Green Chile before. not sure if I've had the Albuquerque ones. I'm pretty much down with all Chile's, except when you touch your dick after cutting them. I've done that before.

RED or GREEN? I'm all about the Greens! Maybe some Red hairs on those Greens would be nice though.

Was or is there anyone that influences your skateboarding? In the late 80's I was really into Hensley. Now I'm not really sure though. Daniel Cardone inspires me. McCrank always does too. I try to forge my own path in general though.
Left:With no car parked in thewas and no homeowners in sight Brums boost this Front Heel
in LA Photo:Jon Glass

Who is someone that's on the come up right now that i don't know about? You're always skating with random Brazilians that are the diamonds in the rough.? Jeff Ward, Jason Barr, Russel Grundy. American, American, and Australian. I've spent a lot of time in Brazil, so I know a lot of those guys. There are always new Brazilians coming onto the scene and killing it.

What would you prefer, buy you a Beer or roll you a Jay? I regularly partake in both. Whiskey and Sativa are my vices of choice though. Both are necessary. Beer for the session is best I guess.

Is there anyone you wanna say whats up to or how you wanna end this? Life's a bitch and then you die, that's why we get high, cause you never know when your gonna go! Shred 4 life! Brums out.

dayne part premium promo from premium skateboards on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love for Lovato

Steezy Lovato

Mr.Walker MySpace Video

Lovato has been underground secretly filming a banger part.

Coming summer 2010...

"The Bridge to Nowhere" The Chilogy Continues...

Sean Delorian Lloyd in his motion picture!

"That's my nigga!"

"That's my nigga!"