Saturday, June 25, 2011

rudy is a stoner

Rudy at StonerPark

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LaCueva throwOUT

Kenny G-String, Miami, Sean, and Jake at La Cueva Park

Monday, June 6, 2011

Drews DC review

BZ Skateshop/DC Chris Cole S Review ft. Andrew Torralvo from Johnny Gomez on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do the Lambo Leap!

It's been a long time coming....this guy has been in the mix for years, but all I remember as far as him skating is getting pitched from time to time; concussion at Indian School, Rolled Ankles all day, and killing Los Altos. When we weren't skating we were getting into some gnarly shit, ending up in the most random places, and he was always getting wasted and beaten up at parties......oh and if you need a buddy to roll with you on 1200mile road trip on 6 hours notice call LAMBERTI!!!!!!!!!!

(above)Light, Camera, Action!!!!A fully recovered Josh pushes this BS Lip over the dirt and into the Night. Photo:Jeweler

So, everyone in town knows who you are. But for those who don't, who are you?
Im motha fuckin Lamberti and if you dont know who I am you must stay home... you ain't a social bug!!!!!
You've been right in the middle of the ABQ skate scene for years, why haven't you put any footage out?
I use to film with who ever was down to film, so clips are everywhere. But filming with only you lately I've been able to actually get something going.
So who have you been skating with?
You, Dave, Lovats, who ever is in the car.
Who hypes you up in town?
You're the one bringing me to spots
, you help with ideas on what to try so I'm hyped on that. Everyone in town is backing Dan Lu hard as fuck and he gives everyone inspiration!

(below)We were only able to get an Ollie photo at this spot because Josh got the trick we went there for FIRST TRY and the photo wasn't a make....come on Josh give the photographer a chance! Photo:Jeweler

What about your favorite skater, who is it?
Reynolds for sure!!! but Felipe Gustavo is super pro,Peter Ramondetta is the Okla'Homie, Henry Sanchez...the list goes on...
Since I've got my camera you're one of the people i go out with most. In a matter of a month you BROKE your finger and SPLIT your head, what happen?
Wrong Place Wrong Time! But you gotta pay'ta'play!

(above)We went to this Bank during the Day looking at another spot and Josh spotted this ledge down the 4stair. We were there that Night and i was capturing the clip before Josh had work the next morning. Photo:Jeweler

So are you trying to film a FULL part for my 1st video?

Ya or i wouldn't be
breaking my god damn head open every other week.
Any other plans for the summer?
Kid Cudi concert this month, working at The Vans Store in Coronado... maybe Warp Tour,film these parts
Okay, lets just say you were thankful for two seconds...who would you thank?
I don't know dude... Who am i suppose to thank?

Parts in Progress...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dave A tell the homies to slow down!

Skateboarders rocket down highway:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gomez Footy Party Round2

Get your Footy out of the Gutter and into this Video!!!!!!!

Jaws Ollie in Louisville, Kentucky

Aaron "JAWS" Homoki - OLLIE from Birdhouse on Vimeo.